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Was born on December 14, 1976 in Chicago Illinois to the union of Pastor John and Brenda Gidron he is the second generation of Gidron's to preach the gospel.  He is the youngest son of six children.  He was a product of the Chicago public school system.  Since the age of twelve Carey has had the hand of God upon his life to preach the gospel.  On July 4, 1993 after acknowledging his call by God, he preached his intial sermon at Jackson Chapel M.B. Church under the leadership of Pastor John L. Gidron Sr. later he join the House Of Blessing Church Of God In Christ under the leadership of Bishop Robert L. Evans were he served as the assistant pastor for six years.  On August 20, 1997 he was ordained as an elder of the Church Of God In Christ, in the sixth jurisdiction of Illinois under the Jurisdictional leadership of Bishop William H. Bonner (State Bishop) and Bishop C.D. Owens International Presiding Bishop Of the Church Of God In Christ Inc.
The Lords gospel is shared with others throughout this country he has been invited many of places to preach the word of God.  L.e Maui Hawaii, South Africa he also preached for the pioneer Bishop of the C.O.G.I.C.  Bishop A.T. Moore the ministry that God has equipped Elder Carey with has been able to cross beyound denominational barriers everywhere.  He is most recognized for his leadership and organizational ability in and without walls of the church he is truly a community builder through this God given gift Elder Gidron has been able to lead thousand of souls free from the bondage of gangs, drugs, and sin.  Elder Carey is a very active and dedicated preacher.  It is not uncommon for  him to preach a powerful sermon on any given Sunday or service.  He is a well known and much sought after evangelist and revivalist.  His ministry has a  great impact on the lives of both the young and the elderly.  God has blessed him to preach several power packed messages such as God is Holy,  Your Final Return, the Identity of Christ, I am Anointed to Defeat the Devil and many, many more.
Amoung the many  messages there have been many honors bestowed upon him at such young age.  He serves as a community activist, as Youth Pastor on the board of the minister's & Pastor's alliance of Englewood, greeted President Bill Clinton during his visit to Chicago, in October of 2001 he was honored by Mayor Richard Daily and the city of Chicago 7th dist. police department and received the community builder of the year award, he was honored to have lunch with the great civil rights historian Ms. Rosa Parks during her 50th year anniversary tour to Chicago.  He now continues to further his education via attending Calvary School of ministry an accreted school in Chicago.  Elder Carey continues to preach the gospel in crusades, revivals and conferances in and throughout the Chicago area.